Celtic Rose is a high-energy Contemporary Irish Folk-Music band based in the Washington DC area. With a repertoire ranging from the classics like Whiskey In The Jar and Old Mountain Thyme to contemporary favorites Galway Girl and Nil-Na-La, Celtic Rose brings a peppy mix of Irish-fiddle, four-part harmony, guitar/bass and percussion.



Kim Lungociu – Fiddle, Vocals, Founder, Artistic Director. “I’ve been interested in very old things for a long time. When you hear Celtic Music you are traveling back to primordial times, the music opens up a soulful path to the ancient past. Then I found out through DNA that I’m one quarter Irish. I said I bloody well knew it! Celtic Rose just had to happen.”





Debbi Dillon – Lead Vocals, Percussion











Michael Lungociu – Drum (singular, specifically a Djembe), Vocals









Doug Dillon – Guitar, Bass, Vocals