Celtic Rose Practice Audio

11/10/2019 Practice

Blarney Pilgrim

Misty Morning

Leaving Liverpool

Maid On The Shore



9/8/2019 Practice

Southern Cross Harmony For Debbi

Southern Cross Plow

Blood Of The C

Leaving Liverpool

Misty Morning

Blarney Pilgrim


7/14/2019 Practice

Kim And Michael Southern Cross


2/24/2019 Practice Bits

Kim and Michael: Misty Morning


Whole Band: Misty Morning


10/14/2018 Practice Bits

Blarney Pilgrim still needs work (everyone) but it will be good when we are ready:

All Soul’s Night (Sounded Pretty Good):

Here’s What The Irish Pubs Sounds Like (The Best Parts Are Everyone Singing And Kim’s Solo IMHO):

Pastures Of Plenty:

Mummer’s Dance:


10/7/2018 Practice Bits

Kim to eval whether we can get this to sound good enough…

Lucky Town Chorus –

Lucky Town (Mainly Kim) Verse And Chorus –

Doug Practice This…

Lucky Town Intro…

Blarney Pilgrim… Deb And Doug To Practice… Not Close Yet In Doug’s Opinion, Needs More Structure…

Here’s A Health – Kim and Doug to eval if the jams could be improved…


6/22/2018 practice All Souls Night for Kim

5/28/2018 practice All Souls Night for Kim


Verse Doug Humming:

Verse Deb Singing:

Chorus Doug Humming:

Chorus Deb Singing:

4/13/2018 practice audio with 4/13/2018’s practice with Doug’s brief comments:

20180413irshpubfullsong – much improved and could be played in public. Singing is better. Kim is less busy over verse (even less would be better). Michael sounds good. Deb’s quarter note sticks are too loud in the mix and don’t really add much. Keep looking for the right thing that adds. Doug should hit less clinkers, but the instrumental breaks were good.

20180413irishpubdougandkim – homework for Deb and perhaps Kim. This is Kim’s harmony with Doug’s melody. I think there are phrases where the harmony could be improved.

20180413heresahealthdebmelody – homework for Kim to work on her harmony. Doug could try also.

20180413heresahealthchoruskimanddeb – homework for Kim and Doug. Kim how do you like your sound here?