Glen Flowers And The Strangers Recordings

20200208 Oasis Web Size Photos


20200208 Oasis

Raw and unedited both sets:

20191102 La Mexicana

Raw and unedited:

Set 1:

Set 1:

20190622 Something Earthy

Entire Set 2:


Love Cries Mercy

20180731 Practice Recordings For Blues Society Battle Of The Bands

20180714 Live At The Blues Society Fish Fry

20180512 Live At The Chili Cook-off

Set One:

Talk Too Much:


Women Are Smarter:


River Run:


Blonds Drive Me Bananas:


Get The Log Out:


Careful With Your Head:


Mother Earth:


Black Beans:

Set Two:

I’ll Be Alright Someday:


Why Can’t We Be Friends:


When I Reach My Home:


Jesus Give Me Strength:


Nothing To Offer Me:


Love Cries Mercy:


NewYork, New York: