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Practice 12/27/2018

OVERALL: Next time we practice let’s try out the front room rather than the sun room and see if we get a better recording sound.

Mummer’s Dance – sound quality not as good as Something Earthy, but no mistakes. I’m putting it on the CD.

Pastures Of Plenty – sounds tight. First time I’ve said this.

Blarney Pilgrim – Not Bad. Mix could be better (too much guitar). I’m putting it on the CD.

All Soul’s Night – Reasonably Tight, One bad note on the Ahhhs (we should work on this again), Wish the room sounded better.

Here’s the rest. Don’t like the mix or the room sound.

Kim And Michaels’s List Of Songs For A CD

Mummer’s Dance: Something Earthy

Mummer’s Dance Practice Mar 20, 2018:
Swallow Tail – No recording, Here’s Morrison’s Jig From The Nov 29, 2018 Practice.
Galway Girl Live, 4/26/2018

Galway Girl 1/18/2018



Here’s a Health, 11/26/2018 Practice

Here’s a Health, 4/26/2018

Here’s A Health, Something Earthy



Blacksmith 11/26/2018 Practice

Blacksmith Something Earthy

Blacksmith, 10/22/2017 Video Recording Session



Nil na La 4/26/2018 Live At Lahinch

Nil Na La 5/18/2018 Video Recording

Pastures of Plenty 4/26/2018 Live

Pastures Of Plenty Something Earthy

Pastures of Plenty, 3/31/2018 Practice

Pastures Of Plenty, 11/15/2018 Practice

Pastures Of Plenty, 10/072018 Practice

MP3s from 11/25/2018 Practice

General: Sun Room Sounds Pretty Good With Its Natural Reverb

Blarney Pilgrim: DOUG: “This is getting good. It now needs to get a form with taking turns and Debbi needs to be careful not to play too loud. ”

Irish Pub Slow Version: DOUG: “Seems tighter than the fast version. I prefer this. ”

Irish Pub Faster Version: DOUG: “Not as tight but it is peppier. ”

The Blacksmith: DOUG: “Seems too fast and not quite rhymically tight. Michael should listen to this one. But maybe we like it to sound furious like it does. I’d go for a little slower and tighter. ”

Ta Muid: DOUG: “Too fast”

Morrison’s Jig: DOUG: “Just fine”

Wild Mountain Thyme: DOUG: “Good enough for a demo CD”

Star Of The County Down: DOUG: “Good tempo. Doug needs to clean up those clinkers. ”

I don’t think anyone really needs to listen to the rest.




MP3s from 11/15/2018 Practice

Galway Girl is the best:

The rest are kind of weak:

Newry Highwayman

All Soul’s Night

Pastures Of Plenty

Blarney Pilgrim

MP3s from 7/29/2018 Something Earthy Gig

Irish Pub

Wild Mountain Thyme

The Blacksmith

Mummer’s Dance

Roved Out

Whiskey In The Jar

Pastures Of Plenty

Star Of The County Down

Ta Muid

MP3s from 3/30/2018 Practice

Here’s A Health:

Irish Pub:

Pastures Of Plenty:

Roved Out:

Mummer’s Dance: