Shannon’s Private Party


We had a great time playing a private party last Saturday 5/12/2018. Here’s the, sounds a little formal to me (Doug), resulting testimonial:

Shannon: “We recently had the pleasure of hearing Celtic Rose, whose repertoire is largely traditional Irish music. Beautiful arrangements, great lead singing and tight harmonies. They feature fiddle, guitar and various percussion instruments. Probably the best versions of “Whiskey in the Jar” and “Wild Mountain Thyme” I’ve ever heard. Celtic Rose is the “reel” thing!


And A Good Time Was Had By All [At LaHinch]

We had a great time at LaHinch this Thursday. Many thanks to all our friends for having some fun with us.


Here’s a recording of one Kim’s favorites: Nil Na La. It’s a song about partying all night, but I felt fine at work Friday morning :).

This was recorded with a hand-held recorder in the back of the room, so what you hear is what you got.